There’ll necessarily be instances when you don’t want to use your electrical automobile at some stage in those intervals. Your electric-powered car must be well saved. No matter what engine kind is fitted in your vehicle, all automobiles are built day-to-day and be driven – now not to take a seat in the garage. As such, car owners need to take precautions every day if the electric vehicle is unused for a prolonged time frame. Following are some of the recommendations that will assist you properly keeping your EV:

  • Maintain the high-voltage battery charged

Battery percent that powers your automobile a day every day continually has a rate of between 10% and 80%, consistent with cars. Maintaining a rate over or under this range can harm the lithium-ion battery or reduce its ability.

  • Unplug or trickle-charge the 12-volt battery

Most electric-powered automobiles have batteries, while the high-voltage battery discussed above is the one that fuels your car, the 12-volt battery powers accessories during the auto.

Sure systems are continuously drawing on the 12-volt battery. To keep away from putting on it, both disconnect it from the auto or connect it every day with a trickle charger, which connects day-to-day to a famous one hundred twenty-volt plug.

  • Flip off strength-draining features

Positive features will robotically interact and use the battery unless you, in particular, turn them off. Every automobile is precise. However, a few examples consist of computerized map updates, pre-warming or cooling and predictive battery reconditioning. Check your proprietor’s guide daily to find which functions will drain your battery and how to turn them off.

  • Turn the tires

As with any automobile, the tires to your EV will flatten beneath the burden of your vehicle over the years if they’re now not rotated. Please keep away from this trouble by way of tough day ring it on lifts daily take the weight off the tires. Instead, make a factor every day grab your automobile for a spin every few weeks, so they relax on another part of the tire.

  • Pick out the proper storage area.

Select an enclosed vicinity wherein you can depart your vehicle. Storage protects it from the elements every day and has minimum leaks so that water damage isn’t a chance. An extraordinarily consistent temperature is also perfect. Moreover, an energy source will assist you in maintaining the batteries in case you pick out to leave them plugged in or set up daily a trickle charger.



There will be times when you don’t have to utilize your vehicle. During these periods, your electric vehicle ought to be appropriately put away. If you don’t have a garage, you could find garage options readily available in your state or near your neighborhood. Storing your electric car is very necessary if you are investing this much money into it. Alara garage is here for rescue as we offer a completely safe garage to store your valuable cars. Keeping your electric vehicles in the garage has been the highly opted option by many owners. So visit our garage today or our website to have a better idea about our services.

Posted on: February 23, 2021 By Alara Garage