Does the newest addition to the exotic 911’s live up to years of generational values? Before you decide, here are 13 important details about the 2020 Porsche 911 that must be considered.

Changing the family name:
The newest addition to 911 is being called the 992. This car is 0.8 inches longer than the 991 with the same 96.5 inch wheelbase. The front track has been widened an extra 1.8 inches, while the rear end stretches 1.5 inches longer than before.

Bringing back the staggered stance:
Unlike the GT3 RS model, the newest Carrera S and Carrera 4s models will include a 21 inch rear wheel stock and 20 inch wheels on the front. This collaboration aids in traction control and promises a very steady grip.

Introducing break boosters:
Electrically pressurized brake boosters in this model help to simplify the blueprint for a future hybrid version.

Smaller pedal:
In conjunction with the new brake boosters comes a brake pedal that is 41% lighter than before. This means a shorter pedal and a more precise response time.

Tighter springs:
Front and rear spring rates have been tightened in the new Porsche by 15% in the front and 14% in the back, optimizing control and driving experience.

6.6 inch engine adjustment:
The standard engine mounts have been adjusted forward by 6.6 inches to offer a better connection between the transmission and the engine while better securing it for high-g maneuvers and better transitions.

Welcome to Wet Mode:
A new sensor inside the wheel well now detects water and offers the new “wet mode” option to utilize better stability and control on wet ground.

From “NO” to “NA”:
The 992 passes tradition with it’s new NA tire designation. The NA0 marker aims to help consumers recognize the difference of N-spec front tires to avoid using them on the new 992.

Managing all that hp:
Advanced turbochargers are now mirror images of each other, equalizing air flow to the engine and improving response time.

Intercooling technology:
The intercooler has been placed behind the engine to reduce the travel time for compressed air. This improves the flow surrounding the intercooler and increases the cooling capacity.

Dual-clutch upgrades:
The 992 now has eight speeds rather than 7 and handles more than 590 pounds to feet of torque.

0-60 in 3.5:
Porsche increased their acceleration time with this model by .4 of a second with launch control.

Packing on a few pounds:
Minimizing the amount of steel by 27% still brings a weight increase of 163 pounds in the Carrera S, transforming an already solid model into a structurally sound masterpiece.

Posted on: March 15, 2020 By Alara Garage