Car storage has been gaining immense popularity for providing car owners a safe and secured space to store their precious automobiles. Be it a classy motorcycle, a luxury car or a top-tier truck, car storage find just the right space to store vehicles of all sorts and sizes, leaving you completely free of worries. You will see numerous storage for your automobile around you. So how do you actually decide which one to place your trust on? Well, to make it easier for you to decide which car storage you should pick for your beloved car, we introduce you to some solid features that you shall look into the storage space you select.


First up, the car storage you pick should have strict security to protect your precious vehicle. Some examples of fine security features include automated doors containing fingerprint sensors, CCTV cameras surrounding the garage and a person assigned to look after the footage, the installation of apt security alarm systems and the entire premise being guarded by professional guards. You pay a certain amount for storing your car in a particular garage so make sure your expenditure is worth it by looking into the safety features provided by it.

Climate Control

Up next comes the climate control feature. The garage you store your car in should have apt climate control features which creates a soothing temperature for your car and leads to its wellbeing. If the garage is too hot or too cold, then these extreme temperatures may go on to affect the engine or other machinery or the outer body, for instance the paint of your car. Thus, while selecting your car storage, you should definitely look whether the space is climate controlled.

Additional Services

Moving on, besides a highly secured and climate controlled space, you might also want to look into the attractive services that are offered by your selected car storage. For instance, you may check if they will check your car tires, start your car in the right intervals and also pay attention to its battery and engine timely to check if it is alright. That is because storing a car for the long-run and not using it may not be beneficial to it, no matter how apt the environment of the garage is or how secured the place is.

Lastly, what you would want to consider is the cost associated with storing your vehicle. You would definitely want to find a space which includes all the aforementioned features but also charges you an affordable price in exchange for their services. Thus, if you are a resident of Houston and are looking for the perfect car storage, then look no more as Alara Garage is all set to offer you its quality services at competitive rates.

Alara Garage

Alara Garage is a pristine car storage based in Houston which offers a mighty 15,000 square feet, climate controlled space for storing your beloved vehicle. We have got world-class safety features which include 40HD cameras, fire alarms and apt security to make sure your car is protected at all times. You also get to keep an eye on your car 24/7 with the aid of our camera system from any iOS or Android supported smart device. Speaking of the attractive services, we check the tire pressure and battery of your car at timely intervals and have got experienced partners to cater to each and every need of your car. Hence, we can take full responsibility of your car and ensure a safe spot for it in our bespoke garage.

Posted on: April 15, 2021 By Alara Garage