The paint on your car does more than just make it visually appealing. Car paint actually helps to protect the layers underneath from weather damage, scratches, and rust. If you have noticed the shine on your new vehicle starting to fade, here are a few simple ways you can better protect your car’s paint and breathe life back into the topcoat.

(1) Do Not Draw on Your Car: As simple as this may sound, resist the urge to trace your finger over a dusty car. Your finger will act like sandpaper grinding against the paint because of the accumulation of dust. This can scratch and wear your paint faster.

(2) Wash and Clean Your Car on a Regular Basis: Keeping your vehicle clean is important for the longevity of your paint. Removing dust and debris on a regular basis helps your car keep its shine and diminish the harmful effects of sun rays.

(3) Apply a Paint or Sealant: Be sure to reapply a topcoat sealant on your paint once or twice a year. Replenishing this top finish is a guaranteed way to protect your car against the elements.

(4) Wax Your Vehicle Regularly: Apply a layer of wax to your vehicle every month. Paste wax lasts longer, but spray or liquid versions may be easier to apply. This is another important step to protecting the luster of your car’s paint.

(5) Add a Synthetic Coating: Adding a synthetic coating is more effective than car way. Apply a ceramic or polymer coating to your car once every six months.

(6) Dry Exterior by Hand: Using a soft, cotton towel, hand dry your car after each wash. This will prevent the cleaning chemicals from bonding to your paint and eroding it over time.

(7) Polish Your Car After Washing: Adding a layer of polish adds an extra layer of protection for your paint. There are numerous types of polish including beeswax, carnauba wax, sealant, and hybrids, so be sure to choose the right wax for your preference.

(8) Purchase a Car Cover: Cover your car when not in use to protect it from the damaging rays of the sun.

(9) Check Fluid Levels Regularly: Intense heat can cause fluid levels to wear down more quickly. It is important to keep an eye on these levels.

(10) Purchase Sun Reflectors for Your Interior: Reflectors do more than protect your interior from scorching heat and fading. They also keep the exterior of your car cool, which will help save your paint.

(11) Consider Glazing: More complex than waxing, glazing is a five-step process similar to waxing that will protect your paint for six months to one year. It is important to re-glaze your vehicle again within the recommended time to properly seal the glaze.

(12) Try Plating Crystal Instead of Waxing: Plated crystal is another alternative to waxing. Its four-step process gives a high level of oxidation, brightness, and hardness to your paint’s exterior making it more resistant to corrosion, scratches, and high temperatures.

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Posted on: May 20, 2020 By Alara Garage