Car detailing is the process to clean and preserve the car in the best possible condition by using specialized tools to deep clean the car from top to bottom and from outside to inside. It also includes some cosmetic work to eliminate scratches and marks.

The primary difference between the car wash and car detailing is that car wash removes dirt and dust from the outside with the help of specialized equipment, but car detailing helps to keep the vehicle as new as possible because it uses the proven system by trained professionals and it is always done by hand.

There are two primary components of car detailing:

• Exterior car detailing

• Interior car detailing

Exterior Car Detailing

The first and foremost thing to do is clean the dirt as much as possible by allowing soap to foam and clean trim, door handles, plastic grills, windows, rubber, etc. Typically to start from the dirtiest part of the cars like wheels by using special brushes to clean the grime and brake dust from all areas of wheels like brake calipers, lug nuts, etc.

The second step is to wash, clean, and dry the paintwork using microfiber towels and wash mitts.

Now to remove the tightly bonded contaminants and dirt clay bar is used, which also helps maintain the smooth surface and improves the efficiency of polish and wax.

After that, the car is prepped for polishing. It is a multitasking process that helps to remove oxidation, scratches, and marks. It is the most critical and time-consuming part of car detailing and requires multiple coats of abrasive grading depending upon the vehicle’s condition.

Now it’s time for waxing and sealing. Sometimes a pre-wax material is used. Multiple layers of sealant and wax are used. It gives the car a protective layer and glossy shine. It is essential to clean an engine bay area that can identify any engine problem quickly. Other services include headlight polish, taillights, exterior trim, etc.

Interior Car Detailing

Vacuuming is the first step that cleans carpets, seats, and trunk and almost everywhere inside the car. The next step is brushing and scrubbing, which cleans mats and carpets. It is time-consuming and removes grease, stains, and dirt from mats, and to increase efficiency, a steam cleaner is used, and then carpets and mats are dried.

After that, the windows and other glass materials are cleaned, and then leather parts are cleaned thoroughly, and in the end, a deodorant is applied to give a nice and pleasant smell.

Benefits Of Car Detailing

Besides making your car look great, detailing plays an important role in your car’s life!

• It helps keep the car in good condition so the car resale value is extended and the lifespan is increased.

• It provides protection and attention to detail to the essential parts of the car.

• It enhances the appearance of the car and increases the driver’s comfort.

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Posted on: May 20, 2021 By Alara Garage