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Why Would I Want to Put My Luxury Car in Professional Storage?

While choosing to store your luxury car in high end storage rather than at home in your garage sounds provocative, there are many practical reasons for doing so. If you are considering this move, you should get long-term storage for the protection and safety of your classic car.

You have spent lots of money on your luxury, vintage, or sports car so it only makes sense that you safeguard it. You want to protect your investment from weather, rust, vandalism, rodents and with general upkeep. This is where the professionals at Alara Garage can assist you.

Alara Garage is the Destination for Houston’s Car Enthusiasts

Our luxury car storage at Alara Garage is the premier auto storage destination in Houston and in the surrounding area. To keep your classic automobile away from hazards of everyday life, your car will be 100 percent safe in our secure environment.

If you are a car enthusiast and are considering professional protection for your prized car or car collection, visit us at Alara Garage. We are here to remove any worries you might have regarding your vehicles while they are stored in our capable hands.

Services Provided by Alara Garage

When you first visit our office, we will meet with you to assess your individual needs, learn about any specialties related to your classic vehicle(s), and discuss any concerns that you have about vehicle storage.

Our team of professional car specialists provide every attention to detail for successfully taking care of your luxury, vintage or sports vehicle. Keeping the exterior clean and maintaining your car’s battery life to keep it “ready-to-go” for you to take out at your convenience is a primary goal of our services at Alara’s Garage.

Our super clean and well-managed facility has a comprehensive alarm and fire protection system so that you can rest assured that we take the utmost care in securing your car. Our facility is climate controlled, and the size of the storage area will match the size of your vehicle(s).

Under our expert supervision, your classic car is started regularly, and the exterior is always kept clean.

To minimize flat spotting of the tires of standing cars, our specialists check the tire pressure and move the cars periodically for good tire maintenance.

We provide a unique camera service at Alara Garage. We have four HD camera systems that allow you to view your cars 24/7 on your phone, tablet or other computer device.

Who is the Owner?

Ara Malkhassian, the owner of Alara Garage, is a dedicated car enthusiast. His passion for the automobile led him to leave corporate America behind a decade ago and dedicate his life to building his successful racing company. As a racer, Ara has amassed countless wins, track records, and championships at the club racing level.

Ara’s passion for cars extends into his private life. Along with his wife, Alison, they enjoy a collection of sports cars and motorcycles ranging from the 1960s to the 1990s. In addition to his enthusiasm for Alara Garage, Ari is also an instructor at several car clubs including Porsche, BMW, and SCCA. He provides coaching for those looking to get into or advance themselves in the world of on-track driving and racing.

Alara Garage is the #1 destination for Houston car enthusiasts. Our professional car specialists make protecting your classic car our top priority. Visit our website today or come by our garage to learn about our exceptional luxury car storage services.

Posted on: July 19, 2022 By Alara Garage