When you buy your car, you promise yourself to take proper care of it and keep it showroom worthy throughout your life. We all can relate to that thought. This is why we invest thousands in buying car washing detergents, car wax, and other paraphernalia to keep our promise. But is that sufficient? If you park your vehicle on sidewalks three blocks down your place, don’t you get nightmares of waking up to a vandalized car, or worse, a car-sized missing space when you walk to that sidewalk?

This is why covered parking is not just your best friend, but your car’s best friend too. Your prized possession is vulnerable to more than just theft when left unattended. Bird droppings, dents from hail, and UV damage possess the potential of negatively affecting the cosmetic appeal of your car when parked outside. When it comes to the evaluation of the fact where your vehicle should be parked daily, do consider the benefits of protecting the exterior as well as interiors of your car with covered parking.

Here’s more to why it is important to have covered parking in today’s time.

Protection from Natural Elements

Keeping your vehicle inside covered parking protects it from various natural elements that it would otherwise be exposed to. Mud, slush, wind, rain, and the sun’s extreme heat can all damage the car’s exterior for life. Exposure to these factors can lead to the formation of acid and dirt on the car’s paint, which can thus do further damage.

Prolonged Engine Life

When a car is parked in covered parking, the temperature stays stable and does not fluctuate with the rise-or-drop of outside temperatures. This keeps the car’s engine oil at its optimal viscosity, which would further keep the engine running smoothly in the long run.

Protection from Unwanted Outdoor Surprises

Having a reserved parking slot outdoors is not sufficient. Will it save your vehicle from scratches, dents, or broken window pane that could result from hailstorms, falling branches, or a cricket ball? With covered parking, you will never have to think about such mishaps happening.

Alara Garage

Such benefits of parking vehicles in covered parking have always been well known. However, with the rapid urbanization, and increase in car burying, garages are losing their space in cities. This is why, with Houston’s Premier climate controlled and secure storage facility, Alara Garage has become an ultimate place to park your prized automobile.

Posted on: December 14, 2020 By Alara Garage